Men's Competition Squad

Men's Competition Squad

The men's competition squad is made up of senior men, masters (veterans) and capable juniors (16-18) who wish to follow a structured training programme and compete at recognised summer regattas and winter Heads. The club's season begins in September and finishes in mid July, usually after Molesey Regatta. Athletes train together as a group sharing a common training programme with adjustments made to the schedule to accommodate specific races (i.e. Henley Royal, Henley Masters, National Masters, National schools etc). The squad is coached by former GB international oarsmen and long time UL coach, Mostyn Field. Training is based on a minimum schedule of four sessions per week, two of these are weekend, water based sessions. During the winter there are two ergo sessions which become water based sessions in the summer. Almost all outings on the reservoir are coached from a launch to ensure both safety and training cover is provided.

The squad has a strong, competitive spirit with everybody training hard, and prepared to help each other achieve their goals.

Senior Men

The senior men's squad is a small group that is focused on qualifying for and competing at Henley Royal Regatta. In 2010 and 2011 the club successfully qualified for the Wyfolds (4-) having narrowly missed out in 2009 and in the Prince of Wales (4x) in 2008. In 2012 the club qualified for the Thames Challenge Cup (8+). The crews also race at the main Dorney regattas and at selected other Thames based events. This will continue to be the main aim for the senior men.

Masters (veteran) men

The club has a strong and committed masters group enabling it to compete in categories ranging from Mas B to Mas H, in single sculling, crew sculling and sweep events. The group's aims are to win at the main Masters regattas (National Masters, Henley Masters and the tideway Masters Heads) as well as competing at local, Thames based regional regattas. The club has achieved a significant number of notable wins at all of these top events and continues to be highly competitive in Masters racing. The masters group also regularly represent the club at international Masters events, and have won World and European medals in recent years.

Juniors (16-18)

As our juniors' skills and fitness improves they are encouraged to join the competition squad in order to continue their development. Their progression benefits hugely from a structured programme and they are often mixed into crew boats with experienced oarsmen during training outings. Juniors compete at winter Heads as well as targeted summer regattas. In 2011 a boys double medalled at both Nationals Schools and National Championships, whilst in 2014 a girls double qualified for the semi-finals at National Schools and raced at Henley Womens Regatta.

Racing and Training Equipment

The squad currently has use of two racing quality quad scull/coxless fours, four race quality double sculls (two of which can be used as coxless pairs) and three race quality singles. Additionally the club has a training quad, two training doubles along with a number of training singles.

There are also a number of privately owned boats that the owners kindly share with their fellow squad members.

The club is always looking to add new members, who have previous rowing experience, particularly to its racing squads. If you have rowed or sculled before and are interested in joining the squad or would just like more information please contact Mostyn; or phone 01444 811498.