Safety notes

Nothing is more important than safety

Duty of Care:

There is a general legal duty on both individuals and the Club to avoid carelessly causing either personal injury or damage to property, equipment or all of these. Use common sense & sense of proportion.

In and around boat storage area
Look out for bits sticking out
Look out for other water users and people/animals on the bank
Beware if slippery underfoot
Wind & Weather
N.E. wind usually unsafe to row
If in doubt, take safe option
Care when turning
If thunder and lightning - come off water fast
Boat Safety
Ensure safe to use:
     Bow ball, heel restraints, moving & fixed parts
Quarantine system & "Do Not Use" notice
Note max Av. Crew wt. On boats built after 1/4/2003
Return to base
Approach into wind/stream
Backing in is best
Opposite of getting in
Cool down exercises
Lifting Techniques
Stop & think
Adopt a good posture
Lift smoothly
Put down then adjust
Place the feet
Get a firm grip
Move feet and keep close to boat
Team lifting: One person - usually the cox- gives orders
Move together smoothly
Raise the alarm
Stay with boat and take it to bank if feasible
In cold weather concentrate on breathing, keeping head out of water and get as much body out of water
Always bring towel & dry clothes (also useful if caught in rain at top end of reservoir)
Getting Afloat
Cox in charge
Risk assessment
Single scull, carry on shoulder
Warm up
Wear enough clothes
Don't forget sunburn & dehydration precautions
Waterproof cover for cuts and scratches
Navigation rules
Outbound- West of markers, between them and bank
Homebound- East of markers
Turn round- Before 2 white buoys opposite bird hide
Long Training route- only use when very little other activity
Give way to all, stop and see where they're heading
Keep close to bank if not very experienced
Other points
Use of "outings" book
Special Safety Notices
Alcohol, drugs and reservoirs don't mix
Get another member to be on water at same time
On Water
Keep a good lookout
Be aware
On river pass to right in direction of travel
And Finally:
Row safely
Be considerate
Have fun