Chairman's Newsletter

Newsletter dated 23 October 2006

Dear Member

As autumn approaches, there have been many positives during the current year which gives us tremendous optimism for the future of rowing at Ardingly

A fine performance from our competition squad under the guidance of our senior slave driver Mostyn has made the presence of ARC crews at regattas something to be reckoned with. The junior branch after some three years of building, has now started to flourish as the agony stage of learning to row leads to crossing the bridge to competency and has lead to the forming of two squads the first of which is ready for competition and the second to nurture the less accomplished. Burgess Hill School for Girls under the direction of David Clark has really taken the bit with regard to rowing and we now have three different year groups with around forty two girls involved with the club. In the long term these associations which including St. Paul's School, Burgess Hill are invaluable for the long term cycle of membership and stability of the club

We have acquired a new men's quad and double scull together with four sets of sculling blades and next week sees the arrival of a heavy weight scull and a medium weight double scull. These acquisitions have been necessitated by the considerable growth of the club and we are now looking to increase racking space with the introduction of a mobile double sided rack and quite clearly for the future, we need to extend the pontoon

All of this is very bullish, but as I write we approach a Constitutional crisis. As you know, Bob Simpson has expressed his desire to stand down as Treasurer and as yet no replacement has come forward. This brings us to the following situation. The Constitution requires certain officials in the make-up of the committee which are Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and without these key officials the club faces the prospect of closure. This as you can imagine, for the founding members, which include myself, would be a very painful disaster. I appreciate the burdens of modern life on you all and in order to ease that burden, the committee suggest a splitting of the responsibilities into three parts:

  1. A co-ordinating Treasurer
  2. An individual responsible for the collection of subscriptions from senior members
  3. An individual responsible for the collection of subscriptions from junior members
  4. A recommended two year tenure of office

In the past I have been responsible, when the subscriptions become due on the 1st March, for sending out the annual reminder, this I will continue to do

During the time that Bob Simpson has so ably managed the club's affairs, he has evolved efficient management mechanisms, so the inheritance of his role as suggested should be relatively stress free. The busy time being in March, when the subscriptions become due

We can boast the most pleasant of committee meetings within the rowing fraternity and I leave the future of the club in your hands and look forward to hearing from you

Extraordinary General Meeting

Over recent years the ARA have amended the model Constitution for rowing clubs to accommodate inclusion of a number of different categories of people e.g. adaptive, and in order for us to be considered for Club Mark status, which is essential in order for us to apply for National grants, we have updated the Club Constitution to reflect the ARA recommendations. The Constitution can be found on the club website and comments between now and the EGM are welcome. The committee therefore are calling an EGM on Monday 20th November 2006 to approve the new Constitution.

Kind Regards

The new constitution can be downloaded from THIS LINK